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Avatar Display Name Title First name Last name Birthdate Email Spouse Anniversary Date Council
Richard Bechinski Recorder Richard Bechinski 07/01/1954 Cynthia 07/05/1975 LaPorte #32
Terry Bisping Terry Bisping Terry Bisping Montgomery #34
John Bridegroom John Bridegroom John Bridegroom
Todd Carpenter Todd Carpenter CMMRF Chairman, and Arch 1 Officer Todd Carpenter 07/26/1973 Valparaiso #86
Barry Clouser Recorder Barry Clouser 12/01/1970 Melissa Kokomo #60
Arthur Craig III Past Illustrious Master Arthur Craig III 06/01/1968 Shelley 09/25/1995 LaPorte #32
Dion Diakis DBC Dion Diakis 03/31/1974 Lyndsie 02/24/2019 LaPorte #32
Michael Doxsee Michael Doxsee Recorder/PTIM Michael Doxsee 11/09/1986 Shira 06/09/2012 Ft. Wayne #4
Christopher Gamblin Christopher Gamblin Illustrious Grand Organist Christopher Gamblin 12/09/1981 Courtney
Ronald Garrison Webmaster Ronald Garrison 08/22/1968 Latisha 12/27/2012 LaPorte #32
Jack Hartlerode Illustrious Master Jack Hartlerode 04/13/1973 Greenfield #94
Sean Jones Sean Jones Right Illustrious Principle Conductor of Work Sean Jones 04/02/1971 N/A
Robert Keuper Past Officer Robert Keuper 11/29/1951 LaPorte #32
Stephen Kroman Stephen Kroman ILL Grand Photographer Stephen Kroman 05/25/1945 Margaret 04/14/1991 Columbus #54
Brian Lewis Recorder Brian Lewis 04/21/1980 Amanda 11/18/2017 Prather #100
Charles Maines Charles Maines Secretary/Recorder Charles Maines 08/21/1954 Jill Wayne #10
Thomas McAlpine chaplin Thomas McAlpine 05/10/2019 Janet 08/19/2019 LaPorte #32
Jon McCracken Arch 9 Officer Jon McCracken 05/16/1971 Rebecca 08/18/2001 Salem #61
Jimmie Milleman Recorder Jimmie Milleman 05/30/1952 Judy 08/19/1978 Angola #27
Nick Miller Nick Miller Illustrious Master Nick Miller 12/05/1981 Cheris Miller 07/31/2004 Huntington #51
John Miller Brother John Miller 08/18/1962 Kandace K Prather #100
chris.quigley chris.quigley HPMIGM Chris Quigley 07/08/1943 Hamilton #114
Dathan Reed Illustrious Master Dathan Reed 06/17/1973 Teresa Reed 07/04/2010 Ft. Wayne #4
Mitchell Rohrbaugh Mitchell Rohrbaugh Arch 5 Officer Mitchell Rohrbaugh 03/23/1973 Ilona B. Bissmann 07/10/2002 Prather #100
Edward Sebring Past Grand Chaplain Edward Sebring 09/25/1946 Cindy Rider 05/22/2000 Vincennes #9
Michael Smith past most illustrious grand master Michael Smith 04/10/1968 Prather #100
Robert Souders Emt Robert Souders 11/19/1968 Bedford #62
Ricky Spoonmore Ricky Spoonmore Arch 8 Officer Ricky Spoonmore 09/14/1978 Lori Spoonmore
Keith Dr. Keith Spurgeon 03/22/1954 Gloria 04/20/1974 Simpson #23
Arthur Tuesburg Secretary Arthur Tuesburg 03/02/1967 Julie Ann 06/30/1988 Elbert H. Gary #103
David Ulrich David Ulrich MIGM David Ulrich 06/20/1958 Marcia
David Wells Recorder/ Secretary David Wells 08/04/1974 Misty Dawn Wells 04/17/1997 Salem #61
Charles Wood Charles Wood Charles Wood
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