Arch Officers


Listed below are the Arch Officers for this year.  Please contact the Arch Officer for your area if you need assistance.

Photo of Michael Doxsee

Michael Doxsee

ARCH 2 OFFICER – Ft. Wayne #4 • Angola #27 • DeKalb #57 • Elkhart #79 • South Bend #82
Home 5125 New Haven Ave. Ft. Wayne IN 46803 Home Phone: (260) 417-5256


Biography of Michael Scott Doxsee

The only child of Timothy Scott Doxsee and Deborah Rae (Budd) Doxsee. Was born on the 9th of November 1986, at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A graduate of Homestead High School in 2005. Enlisted in the United States Army November 25th 2005, and become a Patriot Missile control systems operator and maintainer in support of Global War on Terrorism. Married to Shira Marie (Saylor), has a 3 year old daughter Adelyn, and a 9 Year old daughter Emma from a previous marriage. Currently works as a sales engineer for Services for Plastics Inc, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Also owns a side business M.S. Doxsee rarites dealing in rare militaria and artifacts, and Long Lost Light Masonic Publications and Regalia, dealing in rare 18th and 19th Century Masonic reprint books and custom Masonic Regalia.

You could say it was destined that I would be drawn to all things historical and our sciences. My passions (hobbies if you will), include military history, ancient history, and colonial American history.

Collect and display military artifacts and firearms dating from pre written history to World War II.
I study Paleoanthropology and Archaeology, with a drawn interest in early human studies and early stone tool making. I have interest in early formations of our universe and our solar systems and study Meteoritics (study of meteorites and their classifications) and currently have one of the largest privately owned meteorite collections in Indiana.  Other collections and interest include, one of the largest privately owned collections in the mid-west, of lower to middle paleolithic artifacts from Africa and Europe. Last but not least one of my earliest fond hobbies and passions was Numismatics or coin collecting. With such a broad field, I have narrowed my collecting interest down to Ancient Greek and Roman coins as well as early American colonial coins.

Masonic Biography

Having an interest in all that is ancient, and knowing my Grandfather and many of the men in the Army I have come to respect were Masons, it was only natural that I was vastly drawn into the mysteries that is Freemasonry. My original intentions were to petition during my last year in the Army; however, due to constant training and various deployments this become impossible. Upon exiting the Army I took job(s) which also made it hard to join do to various work hours. It was only then in October of 2012, I made the decision that I was going to petition for the degrees of Freemasonry. I walked through the doors of the Masonic Temple located at 216 E. Washington St. downtown Fort Wayne, and submitted my petition. On December 4th my petition was voted on and was elected to receive the degrees of Masonry.

Craft Lodge

– Past Master (served as WM 2015)

– Grand Masters award with distinction

– 500 lap award


Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

– Member of the Fort Wayne Valley

– Current seated Junior Warden Emanuel Chapter Rose Croix

– Past Venerable Master Fort Wayne Valley Knights of St. Andrew


York Rite Bodies

Member of Fort Wayne, Dekalb and Angola York Rite Bodies


Capitular Masonry

– Current seated Excellent High Priest – Fort Wayne Chapter No. 19 R.A.M.

– Grand Historian of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Indiana

– Grand Representative to New Brunswick


Cryptic Masonry

– Past Illustrious Master of Fort Wayne Council No.4 R&S.M.

– Arch 2 Officer of the Grand Council Cryptic Masons of Indiana

– Member of Ish Sodi Council U.D.

– Member of the Order of Zanzibar


Knights Templar

Past Eminent Commander Fort Wayne Commandery No. 4 K.T.


Masonic Research Bodies

– Member of Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research U.D. currently serving as WM

– Fellow of the Grand College of Rites

– Member of the Philalethes Society

– Member of the Scottish Rite Research Society

– Member of the Masonic Society

– Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 – Correspondence Circle (UGLE)

– Lodge of Research No. 2429  Province of Leicestershire & Rutland (UGLE)


Appendant Bodies

Allied Masonic Degrees

– Member of Saints John No. 541 (Charter Member) & Pokagon No.147

– Past Sovereign Master (2016) – Current Sec./Treas. for Saints John No.541

– Knight Commander Red Branch of Eri (2016)


Knight Masons

– Member of Fírinne No.115, St. Columba No. 118 & Indiana No. 15

– Charter Excellent Chief of St. Columba No. 118

Masonic Order of St. Patrick

– Member of Lorica Council T:.I:.


York Rite Sovereign College of North America

– Member of Indiana College No. 55

– Current Seneschal


The Masonic Order of Athelstan

– Member of Regius Cordis Court No. 110

– Charter Primus Worshipful Master


Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon

– Member of Trinity Chapel No. 2 & INRI Chapel No. 17


Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor

– Member of Grand Preceptor’s College