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Barry Clouser

ARCH 3 OFFICER – Grant County #28 • Frankfort #46 • Kokomo #60 • Anderson #69
Cell Phone: (765) 432-6367 Anniversary: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 Birthday: Wednesday, December 1, 2021


I was born December 1, 1970 in Tipton, Indiana, to Karl and Judy Clouser.  I have a younger brother, Doug.  I was raised in a Masonic family – my father is a Past Master of Windfall Lodge.

I became a DeMolay in J. McClean Moulder Chapter in Kokomo in the mid-1980s.

I graduated from Tipton Hight School in 1989 and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University in 1994.  I have worked as a Software Developer/Consultant at various companies since then.

I married my wife Melissa in 2002 and built our current home in Windfall in 2003.  We have a daughter, Lydia, born in 2004 and a son, Connor, born in 2008.

I was raised as a Master Mason into Quincy Lodge #230, Elwood, in October 2007.  I served as Worshipful Master in 2010 and 2011 and have served as Secretary since 2012.

I became a member of the Kokomo York Rite Bodies by way of an All-Degree Day in 2012.  I served as Illustrious Master of Kokomo Council #60 in 2015 and 2016, High Priest of Kokomo Chapter #104 in 2016 and 2017, and Eminent Commander of Kokomo Commandery #36 in 2017.  I have served as Secretary/Recorder for the Kokomo York Rite Bodies since 2018.

I became a member of the Indiana Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters in 2015, the Indiana Council of Anointed High Priests in 2016, and the Indiana Past Commanders Association in 2017.

I began serving Grand Commandery as a Deputy Battalion Commander in 2017, working in Battalions 3 and 5 over the years.  I also served as Deputy Grand Inspector General in 2019.

I was invited to join Indiana Priory #8 KYCH in 2018 and Sagamore Valley York Rite College #133 in 2019.

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